Victoria Tillotson

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Victoria Tillotson has mastered the use of new media in her work, but unlike others this is not the only strength of her work. She maintains very accessible themes to explore more complex ideas, such as the contradiction of freedom and constraint in human existence. Outwardly mundane or trivial, her films are acute observations of everyday minutiae, edited to offer a humorous slice of life to the viewer. With the rise in observation and reality TV she utilises the same techniques without the trappings. From focussing on the journey of a hamster ball 'From Room To Room' or the succinct short film of an unsuccessful biscuit dunking her work is always highly watchable.

Victoria is the iShed Project Manager, joining Watershed in September 2008. Victoria has previously worked at Ffotogallery as New Media Coordinator, for Safle as Freelance Curator of Artists Moving Image and at Cardiff University as an Associate Lecturer in Digital Photography.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Picsel+ 2003