Jillian Simms

Jillian Simms is deliberately ambiguous about the motives behind her work; it is left up to the viewer to establish his/her own meaning.

For her exhibition at g39, in conjunction with work from artist Anthony Hall, entitled modus operandi, Jillian was able to realise an installation that she began while studying. Several bulbs were suspended from the ceiling on their electric wires, at varying heights above the floor. Over the course of the exhibition the bulbs melted and dripped to the floor, because they were constructed from wax to form a solid lightbulb shape. This piece was constructed and displayed not as an experiment with an end result but as a metaphor for more personal concerns. The work was extremely popular.

Jillian has been head technician to the artist Mariele Neudecker during her fellowship at Cardiff, and for her solo exhibition at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
modus operandi