Harriet Clarke

Harriet Clarke is a photographer who explores new and unusual ways of working with the medium.

Harriet is prolific in all areas of her practise working on both gallery based and educational projects. She is also a professional photographer.

As part of the group exhibition Matinee, her photographs from Peters workshop focuses on the working life of an organ maker, a profession that demands extreme attention to detail. This practice is contrasted with the apparent disorganisation of his studio. In this work Harriet seeks to organise the studio through pinhole photographs, locating elements of the space within the obsessive nature of photography. Taken with a perfectly constructed wooden camera and an accurately sized pinhole punctured through a copper plate, the images produced exude a preciseness that only a strict methodology could have acquired. Depth of field, focal length, exposure and angle are all precisely calculated and scenes from the workshop are accurately recorded onto the transparency film, which in its unforgiving nature offers no opportunity for error. With her systematic approach Harriet places a kind of photographic order to the scattered chaos which is Peter's workshop.

Having been based in Wales for the last six years Harriet is now moving to Manchester to continue her studies.

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