Darren Stevens

Darren Stevens’ work is concerned with systems for representing two- and three-dimensional spatial worlds. The work shown here at g39 was an architectural representation of the gallery space - stairwell, rooms and all - drawn directly onto the gallery walls in two-point projection.

Darren presents us with simple architectural line drawings of the gallery’s rooms and stairwell applied directly onto the walls of the gallery. Confronted by these, there is a moment of self-reflection as we apply them to our physical location. These 3D ‘maps’ present the exhibition space as the artwork; diagrams that describe the space on the very walls that contain it.

‘It has always been an aim of mine to faithfully recreate an environmental concept (physical) so universally well that it sites the spectator in their environment in the image; to produce in the spectator an instance of self-reflection on the basis of their physical situation. The works are therefore produced as both large-scale line productions and critical / descriptive reflections of their environment. They turn the concept of the art object inside out and reflect on the exhibition space as the artwork.’

Since leaving college Darren’s practice has developed into computer-aided design and web design. He is currently employed as a web designer and continues his own practice looking at issues of space and spatial awareness. He graduated from MA fine art at UWIC in Cardiff in July 2000.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Weighting Rooms