Carolyn Black

The work of Carolyn Black looks at ideas surrounding personal identity and the body. She uses photography and video as an appropriate medium to create works directly related to the corporeal. This interest developed while studying for her MA and reading theories of identity and the body and several pieces of work were a direct result of this study and its conflict with her home life. “Home often feels like a place of restriction, limitation. Working from home, it can be difficult to separate work from family pressures. Lifts required, meals hungered for, attention sought. There is not enough room – the walls press against me, I want to escape into an open space. When I feel like this I am so big, in relation to the house contents, they become trivial and meaningless. Recent films are more concerned with the effect and impact of the body on objects; movement in these is often slow and minimal but every second is carefully placed within a deliberately and carefully composed frame.

Carolyn lives and works in Bristol

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It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward