Cam O'Connell

Cam O'Connell's practice involves exploring a range of societal perceptions through drawing, video, installation and generative software. A fastidious technique is often apparent in the work, with much time assigned to meticulous attention to detail so that the concept and the craft of a series can be appreciated in equal portions.

Technically drawn qualities permeate the work, which intend to repurpose this utilitarian form of mark-making. His contributions to GOLDENROD: Adorned Log at g39 aim to question the relevance of theism, bridge science and fine art, and substantiate the position that science is the most apt tool humans have to understand their environment.

A founding member of The Russian Frost Farmers, O'Connell has participated in the touring exhibition I Could Have Sworn I, Istanbul / Berlin and is has an upcoming series of works included in Arts publication Sydney, Australia.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
GOLDEN ROD Adorned Log

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