Gary Ward

b. 1977, Ireland
Lives and works in Luton, UK

Gary Ward is a video artist. His works for the group exhibition We're not here to give you pleasure explore the humility of the individual faced with an indifferent or hostile world. Urbane and urban his wry observations on life are often humorous and/or poignant, his work draws on disparate subject matter, from catnapping on public transport to a yoga lesson.

Gary received his BA Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, UK in 1997. He then studied Fine Art Practice and Professional Development at Chelsea & Kensington College. During several artist residencies he made a number of films, individually, such as Lady Luck (2003), 8till8 and Kofi Cleaning (2002), and collectively, including Mille et un jours (2004-06), Access Denied (2004), and Colony (2007). He lived for some time in Warsaw, Poland, where he projected a series of films for national television.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
We're not here to give you pleasure
If You Build It They Will Come
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It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward