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July Bulletin Bwletin mis Gorffenaf

20 July - 22 August 2020

Welcome to the July-August bulletin!
We’ve got some news and have collected some things to
apply for, links to any support and advice we have
found, some equally helpful distractions and a
load of resources.

July Bulletin Bwletin Gorffenaf>>>>

On the third of July this year it was twenty-two years since g39 opened to the public in that two-room space above a shop on Mill Lane. So many things have changed in that time. That mostly queer area that was on the edge of the city has straightened out and become the centre. We have moved a couple of times and know that change is inevitable and welcome - what matters are the choices we all make.

We’re still a small team, but we have a voice and there are things we can influence and work on. There’s no final version that we’re moving toward and we’re always learning. It’s okay to get it wrong - but not learning from that isn’t okay. Not changing isn’t an option.

We are trying to include a diverse selection of stuff here, recognising the overlaps and crossovers that many of us have - from interests, practices, causes, beliefs, work, care-commitments, friends, family - especially at the moment when everything happens in the same physical space too.

We hope this mix of things is welcome. If there is anything you want to see more of, features you want to see, suggestions or things you want featured, send them to warp@g39.org as early as possible and we’ll try to include them.

This bulletin is put together by the five of us left in the scattered g39 - still working from sofas and kitchen tables.

Keep safe and well,

Cinzia, Sam,
Ellie, Anthony
& Chris

(Images/ lluniau Ran Slavin, Souvenirs From Earth - Tide Whisperer, team social NTW - Rhea Storr, Bragging Rights, 2019 LUX - centre/ canol: Out Of Touch by HERVISIONS - Victor Mazon DIY Hardware - Charlotte Morgan, Concentric, tactilebosch.)

More info >>


g39 / warp  Open Calls:

Here are the first of our open call opportunities that we’ll be posting over the coming months.

We are working to make our opportunities accessible and easy to apply to and to make the process as user-friendly as we can. We welcome and encourage applicants facing barriers to applying and hope that we can accommodate as wide a range of applicants as possible. Access support is available for all applicants, including alternative formats and tailored support to enable you to undertake the commission. 

We welcome applications from people irrespective of disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibility, age, race, ethnic origin, nationality (subject to issue of work permit where required), trade union membership and activity, political or religious beliefs. 

We are committed to supporting more applications and commissions from artists whose background and/or identity is under-represented in the programme, in our resources and our staff and board of g39. This includes, but is not limited to, artists from Black, Asian and ethnically diverse backgrounds, artists from lower socio-economic backgrounds, d/Deaf artists, neurodiverse artists, artists with disabilities or long-term health difficulties and artists with LGBTQIA+ identities. 

An opportunity for artists to create
a shared resource for warp / g39.

Do you have a skillset, expertise or a piece of knowledge or research that you want to share with the sector? We are offering fees of £600 to develop shareable resources or guides that can be used now and in the future.

Application Pack

g39 Fellowship Programme: A five-year initiative by g39, supported by the Freelands Artist Programme.

The g39 Fellowship Programme supports a new group of artists every two years to develop their practice. This is an invitation to apply to take part in a programme of artistic development aimed at early career artists. Five places are offered on a structured programme of twelve months of support that will take place within a period of two years (six months in each year).

Application Pack

g39 Commission: Intermission: g39 is pleased to be able to offer support to Wales based / Welsh artists to create new work.

We want this commission to reach as wide an audience as possible. We encourage a community focussed, participatory or inclusive approach, an awareness of context and of the current situation. We acknowledge the limitations of working during lockdown and welcome new approaches to presenting work.

We welcome all forms of work that can be publicly presented or shared safely. This could be in an online setting (eg audio, video, text, games, app design, performance, socially-engaged practice, web or desktop interventions and workshops), or in an offline / public realm setting (egsite-specific work, billboards/ paste ups, managed postal projects or distributed print works or texts).

Application Pack