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Teignmouth Electron-large

Teignmouth Electron

Author: Tacita Dean
Category: Artist Book
Publisher: Boom Works
ISBN: 187069936
Year: 1999
Description: Teignmouth Electron deals with the tragic and extraordinary story of amateur yachtsman, Donald Crowhurst, who was one of eight competitors in the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race, the first single-handed non-stop around the world yacht race. Crowhurst soon realized his boat was not up to the journey but rather than abandon the race, he began sending false reports as to his progress and position. After some months at sea and two weeks before he was expected to arrive home to a heros welcome, his trimaran, Teignmouth Electron, was found adrift and empty. Today his boat lies beached and abandoned on the island of Cayman Brac in the Caribbean. In 1998, Dean travelled to the island and found and photographed the boat. The book is a collection of these photographs with texts written by the artist and other associated material, that tell of the events surrounding the strange disappearance of Donald Crowhurst and subsequently what happened to his trimaran.
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