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Craig Y Nos, Kathryn Ashill -large

Craig Y Nos, Kathryn Ashill

Author: Kathryn Ashill
Category: Artist Book
Publisher: Arts council Wales
Year: 2010
Subject: performance, Kathryn Ashill, drawing, word, Craig Y Nos
Description: A publication that would of accompanied the work by Kathryn Ashill in relation to her Craig Y Nos performance work in reposed to the famous opera singer Adelina Patti.

Kathryn Ashill created the Craig Y Nos performances in response to her childhood memories of the site and of the famous opera singer Adelina Patti. Five site-specific performances were created whist the artist took up residence at the castle in July 2010. Staying onsite allowed the artist to imagine how lavishly Adelina had once lived within its walls, and to explore every detail of the magnificent Victorian mansion.
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