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Cosmopolis, Borges y Buenos Aires-large

Cosmopolis, Borges y Buenos Aires

Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Category: Artist Book
Publisher: Centre de Cultura Contemporania
ISBN: 84-7794-889-5
Year: 2002
Subject: South America, Photography, Travel, Text, Buenos Aires
Description: Few writers get to know their city as well as Borges. Buenos Aires was for him the place he was born, inspirational muse and cosmic obsession.
As a child, he was fascinated by the labyrinth of contrasts and characters he intuited from behind the metal gate of his garden. At that time, encouraged by his family`s intellectual thirst, he drank from the inexhaustible source of his father`s library, in English and Spanish. By the age of six, his absorption of endless books had revealed to him his future as a writer. Later, when the Borges family returned from Europe after a few years` absence, Jorge Luis set out to crystallise his memories of his beloved city and in this attempt to recognise it, he rediscovered it in outlying districts and reinvented it in his imaginary.
His reading and his new understanding are reflected in a stylistic and aesthetic evolution of his discourse and also of his Buenos Aires, which gradually abandoned the strong local flavour of the early texts and acquired a universalist, fantastic tone. It is this evolution that leads us through the exhibition `Cosmopolis. Borges and Buenos Aires`. By means of the books he read and the books he wrote, manuscripts, photographs and various interviews, we discover the figure of Borges and his fervour for the minotaur, Buenos Aires.
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