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Soon all your neighbours will be artists -large

Soon all your neighbours will be artists

Author: Aid & Abet, Extra Special People, Spike Associates, WARP
Category: Artist Book
Publisher: Eastside Projects
ISBN: 9781906753306
Year: 2011
Subject: artist lead, collaborations, Art funding, UK, social functions
Description: Soon all your Neighbours will be artists, began in January 2011 as a collaboration between members of the artist-led organisations aid & abet, Cambridge; Extra special people at Eastside projects, Birmingham, Spike Associates, Bristol and WARP, Cardiff, Framed by major cuts to public funding to the arts in the UK. The Publication aims to present sustainable models for art production. Artists were invited to contribute works that play on the status of survival in their practice, and a collection of texts from various sources have been selected to further problematise a single conception of the term.
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