Tom Dale

b. 1974
Lives and works in London

Tom Dale works with both objects and film. Participating in the group exhibition We're not here to give you pleasure, Tom's videos, sculptures and installations aim to transform materials in unexpected ways through playful invention; wood flooring becomes a tsunami wave, a tap dance emerges as a Morse code message and a doorstop is enlarged beyond the size of the door it holds open.

While it all seems decidedly Pythonesque it exists beyond its apparent surreal humour; Tom takes the everyday and manipulates it (more by sleight of hand than with sublime intentions) to become something uncommonly beautiful and elusive; at times simple, at other times painstakingly complex. Tom always works beyond his previous experience and pushes the boundaries of our perception and his own ability to the limits.

Tom's most recent work Kings Island was exhibited at Plymouth Arts Centre in October/November 2008. Recent solo and group exhibitions also include Union Gallery London, City Gallery Auckland, the Getty Museum LA and Florence Lynch Gallery, New York.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
We're not here to give you pleasure
If You Build It They Will Come
This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward

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