Pamela Landry

b. Nouveau Brunswick
Lives and works in Montreal, Canada

Pamela’s sculptures are not content to sit and wait for us to pay attention, but actively seek to catch our eye. Combining familiar inanimate objects with kinetic energy she produces a new dynamic, somewhere between the living and the inert.

Fascinated by machines and also by the possibility of understanding the human soul, Paméla Landry builds sculptures that, although they suggest the portrait mode, do not borrow its form. Disheartened by the notion of a world where everything has its place and function, Paméla Landry proposes sculptures that divert and confound identities, and offers them as alternative solutions. In her sculptures, the seeming coherence of a whole opens up to the derisive and the absurd when manipulation and interaction occur.

Pamela has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions across Québec, Canada and the UK. Past shows include Le Ludique at the Musée du Québec, Machining in the Digital Age: Bricoleur Urbane at Open Space, Victoria, Canada and Les Iconoclastes, curated by Gaston Saint-Pierre at the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, Montreal. She also curated Machines festives, presented at La Centrale, Montreal in 1999 and showing again at L’Œil de Poisson in 2002. She has taught at the Cégep du Vieux, Montréal since 1995. She has a forthcoming solo show at the Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario this year.

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