Samuel Hasler

b. 1982, Birkenhead
Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Sam Hasler is a live artist. He often uses drawing and writing and obeys a loose structure of rules or parameters that allows him to make creative responses to the space he performs in.

'A statement of intent? I want to make the things that make me excited. Any space/place/situation has openings, opportunities for creative interventions. Actions, drawings, writing... A constant process of processing material occurs. Every event feeds and influences, ideas breed or spark off each other and before long it becomes impossible to say what any one element, or piece of work is about, or where it came from. But the arching narratives, recurring images, themes start to build up.
Looking back Id say there was something about faith and the Christian religion, a common theme of quietness and understatement, often with references to gender, and complications with masculinity.
I usually make performance but keep things loose, so to prevent a comfort zone emerging. In the end, I just make the things that make me excited.'

Sam has made performance work across the UK and Europe in Galleries and alternative spaces. He has performed at several festivals including National Review of live art in Glasgow (2009), EXPO festival in Nottingham (2005 and 06), and Experimentica in Cardiff (2006 and 07). He is one of the founder members of the live artist group We Haunt.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
If.... Samuel Hasler: Block
One night stand
Lost in Transit
This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward

Links :
  • CCTV Still from <i>If.... Block</i> at g39 2010
  • CCTV Still from <i>If.... Block</i> at g39 2010
  • CCTV Still from <i>If.... Block</i> at g39 2010