Eric Martin Kamosi

Lives and works in Cardiff

Eric Martin Kamosi is a creative musician based in Cardiff. He explores relationships between music, visual media, digital mediation and movement. He is currently designing software-based sound toys for musicians and non-musicians to use together in collaborative performances. He has also worked on a research and development project that explores how a performance can look and sound when both a dancer and a musician control the audio through guitar and motion triggered software within a musical soundscape.

I am a guitarist and composer with an interest in sound, interested in exploring relationships between music, code and moving images. I listen to music concrete, aleatoric and interactive music alongside more traditional song forms and I looked at the effects of semantics and mediation bias on music. This has caused me to experiment with different sounds and performance styles. I enjoy improvisation and making music for live performances.

Eric attended the University of South Wales to complete a BA (hons) degree in Creative Sound and Music and has played guitar since early childhood. Eric enjoys writing in blues, rock, electronic and aleatoric music forms. He also has an interest in computer music, image and sound installation. This led him to study Integrated Media at OCAD University in Toronto. He has also completed an MSc in 'Digital Composition and Performance' (experimental electronic music composition with self-written software) at The University of Edinburgh and trained as a media composer at Conservatorio di Musica 'Francesco Venezze’. He composed and performed music for the Cardiff based dance company, Earthfall’s award winning ‘Stories From a Crowded Room’. Eric recently worked with tycerdd on Plethu: Affricerdd in collaboration with Idrissa Camara. Eric continues to write new electronic and acoustic music and enjoys performing.

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