Adele Vye

b. Neath
Lives and works in Swansea

Adele Vye, I leave you with this, commissioned by The Book Project
Adele Vye, I leave you with this, commissioned by The Book Project

Adele Vye is a mother and artist working primarily in performance and lens based media alongside a multi disciplinary practice. Inspired by dreams, stories and the industrial and natural environment and its processes, her work draws on layers of shared and personal context to explore physical and inner worlds.

‘I am interested in conjuring and phenomena but am also grounded in concerns around climate breakdown and the everyday. I am drawn to physical and invisible forces and tend towards grappling with dualities and juxtapositions. I often work site specifically and with layers of concern from the microscopic to the global. Metaphor, magic, mundanity, guilt, mourning and transformation all seep through my practice. Research threads and influences are broad ranging and can include catastrophe, climate breakdown, liminality, archetypes, slapstick, energy, local history, geology, physical and urban geography, physics, science, pseudo science, the weather, the unexplained, ufos, myths and urban myth, seasons and times of day and night, the everyday and the extraordinary.’

At the doorway (Time) and At the doorway (Tide) are video works filmed on mobile phone from inside the artist's washing machine. Through turning the camera on herself whilst documenting an everyday activity, the extraordinary and the unseen are made visible. Torches are used to illuminate and to signal for help. From inside the machine, the viewer is witness to both a sense of confinement and infinite dream space. In both At the doorway (tide) and (time), as water rises or the world becomes tilted beyond recognition, the female artist seems to become transformed, blurred, distorted, engulfed and temporarily vanished by the action of the machine.

Adele Vye grew up in the industrial town of Port Talbot, South Wales. She gained an honours degree from Oxford Brookes University and won the John Brookes Memorial Prize for outstanding achievement in Fine Art. She won Welsh Artist of the Year for time based media in 2009. She has undertaken residencies at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Art IG Hanover, Germany. Adele has exhibited at the National Eisteddfod Y Lle Celf at the Senedd, shown work at Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and been commissioned for their offsite exhibition ‘The book project’, made and shown work in response to international research project ‘Ephemeral Coast’, shown at ‘Body, Land, Place’, Plas Glyn Y Weddw, ‘Obsessions’ at Modern Art Oxford and most recently ’Household Name’ curated by Contemporary Cymru and funded by Arts Council Wales and Arts Council England at Elysium Gallery and Online. Adele is a member of studio group Swansea Studios.


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g39 Fellowship FOUR

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