Sarah Jenkins

b. 1993, Cardiff
Lives and works in Ferryside, Wales

Varying Degrees of Freedom, 2019
Varying Degrees of Freedom, 2019

Sarah Jenkins is a Welsh artist working though sculpture, writing and film. Her practice is a form of storytelling, made of imagined worlds and futures that distort functional objects and technologies to create absurd fictions with nonsensical narratives. Her approach to material and process is playful and led by experimentation. Her research draws on the histories of objects and places, pop culture and speculative fiction.

Her recent work explores Welsh mythos and Celtic culture, focusing on the dissemination of information through oral traditions, and considering how these forms of storytelling and legend building can be used to break down hierarchical accounts of history and contemporary culture.

Recent exhibitions include Exhibition 1, Open White Gallery, Berlin, Creekside Open, APT Gallery London, techno_utopia, Sluice, London and MESH, Limbo, London. She also recently spent time as the studio and exhibitions manager at Goldsmiths, London.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Intermission 2020
Request Stop

Links :
  • Varying Degrees of Freedom, 2019
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