Rhys Aneurin

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Rhys makes paintings that use the cityscape as a starting point to consider the tensions between the national, local, commercial and political architecture of the city.

‘The conflicting urban and cultural surroundings of Cardiff are far from where I grew up in Ynys Môn. My work challenges these realities and ideals by stripping down everyday aesthetics, resulting in an emphasis on geometry, texture and colour. In this spirit I ask - is it a love for what one sees that creates a sense of belonging, or is it the sense of belonging that makes one feel love for what one sees?
My work explores how the ever-evolving aesthetic of Cardiff (and 
to many; the soullessness of chain-store convenience and commodification of culture) causes rivalry between the preservation of identity and uniqueness, which has traditionally defined a city, and the race to become a city region capable of competing on the periphery of London.
My work attempts to reflect how these changes to the city’s face can deliver a sense of alienation, and the conflict between identity and economy (both of importance) leads me to ponder how they affect the citizens’ sense of belonging to their city.’
Rhys has recently exhibited at Galeri (Carnarvon) and Cardiff Made.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
RAT TRAP x g39

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