Radha Patel

Lives and works in Cardif, Wales

Radha Patel, 2019
Radha Patel, 2019

Radha is an artist/writer using fictional cultures, histories and languages to interrogate contemporary culture and its relationship with colonialism.

‘Over the last two years, I’ve been developing work about a small, pink Planet that sits under the Earth and has just won a great war against its colonisers – humans! This work has included poems, prose, short films, story-telling presentations and, most recently, I’ve been working with traditional mediums such as inks and pens to develop alphabets / languages to add to my vision.’
‘I work instinctively - with the mediums and materials I feel most confident using but also taking into consideration what will make the work accessible to people and what will get the message across clearly. All of my work around the Planet Lionel’s Star comes from a deeply held belief that art must challenge the conditions that keep us oppressed - there’s simply no use in just making people ‘feel good’ or alleviating the symptoms of a problem.’
Radha Patel is a Cardiff based / Wales born writer / artist whose work intersects across colonialism, nature, religion and the future. She enjoys making work as a way to challenge historical perceptions of right / wrong / this happened / that happened. This year, her work will be published in several journals and publications including 3am Magazine, Zarf Poetry, the SoapBox Press and Where I'm Coming From's upcoming anthology, in collaboration with Lumin Journal, in August 2019.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
UNITe 2019
Intermission 2020
  • Radha Patel, 2019
  • Radha Patel, 2019
  • Radha Patel, <i> Peace of Mind</i>, 2018