Dan Clark

Lives and works in Wales

Dan Clark, <i>The Brush I Would Choose Over all Others</i>
Dan Clark, The Brush I Would Choose Over all Others

Dan Clark is a sculptor. His sculptures often in the form of models and replicas seem connected to narratives and histories. In the same way that film stills can evoke a sense of narrative but remain enigmatic, Danís sculptures seem to refer to archetypes with out simple resolution.

'I make work that I call Extremophiles (an organism that thrives in physically extreme conditions that are detrimental to most life on Earth) which directly relate to my personal experience of being an Artist living an un-Artistic life, working menial jobs and the isolation that brings. In this case I remake the objects that I am drawn to, find nourishment in or would be comforted by and in doing so therefore identifying that object as an idiosyncratic archetype.'

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2019
  • Dan Clark, <i>The Brush I Would Choose Over all Others</i>
  • <Dan Clark, <i>Bomb</i>
  • Dan Clark, <i>All The Fuss and Fighting</i>
  • Dan Clark, <i>Blue Velvet</i>