Rebecca Gould

b. 1980, Scotland
Lives and works in Anglesey

Rebecca Gould, <i> Claire Danes</i>, 2014
Rebecca Gould, Claire Danes, 2014

Rebecca Gould works with a range of mediums encompassing sculpture and video. Her practice has recently been concerned with ideas of work, capital, domesticity, the value placed on ways of life, and the patriarchal art world.

'The functional quilts are part of a series of works that I developed after a period of disenchantment with the process of making large sculptures, which after exhibiting, had to be destroyed or reused in other works. In an egotistical way I wanted to keep the work, easily store and transport it. These quilts are large sculptural objects weighted with time and labor, the invisible gestures of care giving made visible. The fragment needs revisiting and our everyday rituals: brushing my children's hair, cleaning their teeth, make up the fabric of my life. These domestic acts of repetitive caring, the value transmitted through the gesture of the human touch become markers of time passing.'

Gould studied at University of Wales, Cardiff and Central Saint Martins, London. She is now based on an island off North Wales. Gould has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in places such as TURF Projects, London; Ty Pawb, Wrexham and MOSTYN, Wales. Recent projects include: ONANIA d r e a m s, cur. Lauren de Sa Naylor, Todmorden (2019), Nightswimming, Lle Gallery, Mission Gallery, Swansea (2018), Things We Said, Studio Cybi, Anglesey (2018), WAGSTAFF’S, MOSTYN, Llandudno (2017), MOUSSE Magazine, review (2017) and The Offy, pop-up shop at The Royal Standard, Liverpool, England(2017).

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp
Sprung Spring
g39 Fellowship TWO
To Plan
an Ending

This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward

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