Joe Fletcher Orr

b. 1991, Birkenhead
Lives and works in Birkenhead

Joe Fletcher Orr works with a wide range of media. His works at first seem like quips or one-liners, but refer to a complex relationship between himself, his family and the artworld.

Often made in collaboration with members of his family, Orr’s sculptures, performances and installations use humour to undermine the ‘seriousness’ of the art world, and the authority of the art object. Orr traces his willingness to poke fun at his own work and contemporary art to visits he made with his father to art galleries as a young boy, when he would be encouraged to laugh at many of the works on display.

Joe received a BA from Manchester School of Art (2013). Recent exhibitions include: A Flamingo, a Camel and an Owl walk into a Gallery... , SABOT, ClujNapoca, Romania (2017); Neon The Charged Line, The Grundy, Blackpool (2017); Original Fake, Maisterravalbuena, Madrid, Spain (2017); Looking North, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (2017).

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