Rae-Yen Song

b. 1993, Edinburgh
Lives and works in Glasgow

Rae-Yen Song is a multi-disciplinary artist who draws on her identity and her position in society, to offer alternative perspectives on social realities and extracts elements from her cultural identities to abstract and expand upon their meaning.

Song’s current practice draws on her identity to explore the figure of the cultural other, using the self to reveal something of today’s society. She takes elements from her Chinese and Scottish cultural identities, processing them through drawing and making, to abstract and expand upon their meanings and visual qualities. This creates a unique cultural language that is of both cultures, but belongs to neither. The work becomes a personal expression, which nevertheless speaks more broadly and politically about race, culture, identity and belonging.

Rae-Yen Song received a BA (Hons) in Sculpture and Environmental Art from Glasgow School of Art (2014) and is the co-founder of the collaborative projects Jarsdell Solutions Ltd and YAKA Collective. Recent projects and exhibitions include: Platform 2018, City Art Centre, Edinburgh Art Festival (2018); Good Press (with Jarsdell Solutions Ltd), Glasgow International (2018); Sura Medura International Residency, UZ Arts, Sri Lanka (2017); GOOD FORTUNE! DOUBLE HAPPINESS!, Laurieston Arches, Glasgow Open House Festival (2017).

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