Lauren Heckler

Lauren Heckler, <i>We must be still and still moving, I</i>, 2017
Lauren Heckler, We must be still and still moving, I, 2017

Lauren’s work is a coalescence of lens-based, sculpture and performance mediums, currently exploring the connection between our lived experience and the space we inhabit.

Lauren’s artistic process starts by taking inspiration from subjects such as literature, anthropology, belief systems, tourist information and front gardens. She is interested in the multiplicity of our existence and the mesh that connects the various lines that run along side each other, and across time. Collaboration and conversation with individuals from a variety of industries and expertise, is key to her process. Lauren has an ongoing collaborative project with artist Sophie Lindsey. Together, as Site Sit, they create artworks as a partnership and initiate projects that invite other artists and groups to engage with the place. By taking ‘site’ as the starting point for exploration, their work builds upon existing dialogues of post-studio practice.

Lauren received a BA in Fine Art: Critical Practice from UoB and has since exhibited globally and nationally. Recent exhibitions include Elysium Gallery, Swansea (2017), Bread and Jam, London (2016) and Din Konst, Storgatan 19, Tranås, Sweden (2014). She has also had artist residencies at Elysium Gallery, Swansea (2017), Kultivera, Sweden (2016) and Castell Coch, Cardiff (2015). In 2018 she was selected to attend Jaipur Photo Festival alongside Ffotogallery.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2018
  • Lauren Heckler, <i>We must be still and still moving, I</i>, 2017
  • Lauren Heckler, <i>We must be still and still moving, II</i>, 2017
  • Lauren Heckler (with Salik Ansari), <i>We carry each other</i>, 2018
  • Lauren Heckler, <i>Meet me at Church Street</i>, 2017
  • Lauren Heckler, <i>Village Halls, Llansteffan</i>, 2015