Dai Howell & Kate Mercer

Kate Mercer, <i>New Landscapes (Red Route)</i>, 2017
Kate Mercer, New Landscapes (Red Route), 2017

Photography is at the forefront of Dai Howell and Kate Mercerís collaborative practice. Through combining their individual artistic strengths, they form a critical response to how information is detailed, recorded and manipulated through language and contemporary culture.

Kateís practice focuses on visual outcomes and works across photography, video and collage. Her work explores the role of photography as a document and self-constructed record, how we as people use photography to identify and recall memories and emotions.

Daiís work has evolved in to exploring and embracing all knowledge and learning. Connecting history and philosophy, he creates holistic new work exploring historical perception in a contemporary context.

Dai is a graduate of the MA Contemporary Dialogues from UWTSD Swansea. Both are alumni of the BA (Hons) Photographic Art course at UWN. Dai had a solo exhibition Imaginarium at The Kickplate Gallery, Abertillery (2014), and Kate at The Night-time Economy: A collaboration with S. J. Fowler, based at The Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre, Newport and Rich Mix Cinema & Arts Centre, London (2016).

Dai and Kate are active participants in local art festivals madeinroath and Art On The Hill Newport - supporting, co-coordinating as well as exhibiting work as part of these programmes. Kate was also Artist Coordinator of the ACW funded The Project Space in Newport (2013-14).

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2018
  • Kate Mercer, <i>New Landscapes (Red Route)</i>, 2017
  • Kate Mercer, <i>Love in Absence</i>, 2011
  • Kate Mercer, <i>Chimera</i>, 2010
  • Dai Howell, <i>Digital Dream</i>, 2013
  • Dai Howell, <i>Freedom</i>, 2014
  • Dai Howell, <i>Cat meme</i>, 2014