Ella Jones

b. 1995, Bangor
Lives and works in Llanbedrog, North Wales

Ella Jones <i>Seedling 2017</i>
Ella Jones Seedling 2017

Ella creates installations, sculptures, and costumes centred on kinesthetic learning: learning through bodily movement, and creating tangible interactions between audience and artwork. Science and psychology inform her work on touch from the macro to the micro; from touch therapies and sensory rooms to the workings of touch receptors in the brain and the tactile qualities of cells through a microscope.

I explore the curiosity of touch, creating sculptures that entice playfulness and interaction. This is projected within the use of textures, material, colour and display. Being a multidisciplinary artist working with printmaking and sculpture allows me to investigate structure and form in my work. Iím interested in demonstrating that almost anything can be a sculpture, and that the idea is objective.

Recent projects include Welcome Collection's Mitochondrial Research Artist in Residence (2020-2021), Ingram Prize finalist (2020), Rat Trap; Artist Blind Date and Micro-residency, Cardiff, (2020). Ella graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design (CSAD) in 2017 and was selected for the 2017 Wales in Venice Invigilator Plus programme.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
RAT TRAP x g39
tibrO yalP

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  • Ella Jones <i>Thanatopsis  2017</i>