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  • Clio Ryan, Political Prisoner, Technology, 2015
  • Clio Ryan, Portrait, from the series Clio Ryans Guide to Photograpy, 2014
  • Clio Ryan, Political Prisoner, Capitalism, 2015

Clio Ryan

Clio Ryan, Political Prisoner, Technology, 2015
Clio Ryan, Political Prisoner, Technology, 2015

'I am a recent graduate of the University of Wales Newport with a BA in Documentary Photography. While I studied photography, my practice has come to vary greatly and recent projects have included video pieces, performance art and written work as well as photography.
My objectives as an artist have always remained the same, despite differences in media used; I use my artistic output to talk about the world around us today. I am extremely interested in global subjects like economics, politics and history and acutely interested in exploring our collective understanding of ‘reality’ or how we as individuals view and react to the world. Research is a key aspect to my practice and I enjoy utilizing this in different ways.'

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