Lisa Stansbie

b. 1974, Birmingham
Lives and works in Leeds, UK

<b>Lisa Stansbie</b>, <i>Spitfire Beach</i>, 2010
Lisa Stansbie, Spitfire Beach, 2010

Consisting primarily of film, sculpture and digital media, Lisa Stansbie’s creations are to be seen as shoots emerging from a larger, underlying project: an ever expanding digital archive of information and media found on the internet, whose contents are held together by seemingly arbitrary connections (an entry on the history of a confectionary item whose packaging contained an image of a polar bear, for instance, is linked via the phrase ‘polar bear’ to an image of a protester in a polar bear costume at a political demonstration by the Canadian Youth Climate Control Coalition).

Influenced by Nicolas Bourriaud’s conception of this artistic epoch as one of ‘postproduction’, with the artist engaged in revealing semantic networks as opposed to creating discrete objects, Stansbie meshes her own role with that of the internet search engine, creating and maintaining links between distant pockets of space and time. The works Stansbie creates are thus conceived as ‘satellites’ orbiting this research, which are capable of generating their own satellites in turn – for The Wings (2009) at Vyner Street Gallery, London, the artist installed in the gallery space a fictional bar described in her earlier narrative film Apprehension (2007).

Stansbie is a Senior Lecturer/Course Leader in Contemporary Arts at The University of Huddersfield U.K and is undertaking an ongoing PhD at Leeds Metropolitan University entitled Multiplicity, encyclopaedic strategies and nonlinear methodologies for a visual practice. She has exhibited and undertaken residencies throughout Europe and the US, and participated in group shows and festivals in New Zealand, Mongolia and Siberia.

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