Jessica Hunziker

Jessica Hunziker’s, recent and current practice uses a combination of video, performance, photography and drawing, alongside the more predominant sculptural objects that she makes. Jessica’s work often sees recurring sculptural forms jump from one piece to the next linking drawing to sculpture, sculpture to performance, performance to video, and video to photography.

For the last two years she has been working with inflatables, exploring themes of respiration, volume and space. She is also interested in exploring the meeting point between body and object, as expressed by her work ‘Bubblegum Bubble’, a bronze sculpture capturing the ephemeral act of blowing a bubble with gum, and thus giving physical form to the most basic of human activities, breathing.

Graduating from the University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC) in 2009, Hunziker recently completed a residency at Spike Island, Bristol.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Drawn In, Drawn Out, Drawn Round