Anthony Hall

b. 1976
Lives and works in Manchester, UK

Antony Hall is a multidisciplinary artist who works with science creating kinetic artworks and installations using sonic, mechanical, electronic or biological elements.

Hall works in the field of art and science [Sciart and Bioart], having spent 3 years resident in a Fluid Mechanics Lab at UMIST [2001] followed by residence at Manchester Natural History Museum [2004] and ongoing involvement in the field of ‘Bio-art’ [Including participation with Symbiotica workshop 2005, and Hackteria projects, 2009 - current] Enki [2004-2009] was along term research project investigating electric fish, harnessing their ability to communicate and navigate with electric fields, creating an artwork controlled by the live fish and their communication signals. Other works have transformed light into sound & amplified sound from microscopic pond creatures using lasers. He is currently investigating the ability of chemical oscillators to mimic life like processes generate patterns & sound.

Anthony's work has been exhibited internationally including; Cité internationale des Arts, [Paris 2006] Dutch Electronic Arts Festival [Rotterdam 2007] BIOS 4, Biotechnological and environmental art, CAAC, [Seville, Spain 2007] International Festival of Art/Science/New Technologies, [Prague 2007] Trondhiem Electronic Arts Festival, [Trondhiem, Norway 2007] European forum for Emerging Creation, [Luxembourg 2007] Spectropia08, [Latvia 2008] Cornerhouse [Manchester 2008] and A-foundation [London 2009] and Gazelli Art House, [London 2012]. Anthony graduated with an MA: Art as Environment from Manchester Met University 2002.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
modus operandi
If You Build It They Will Come
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It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward

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