Sam Aldridge

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Sam Aldridge’s sculptural work uses lo-fi construction techniques and everyday materials to assemble replicas of objects that we regularly encounter.

His use of materials transforms everyday objects around us into ‘stand-ins’ or props. When Aldridge creates a palette of breezeblocks and hard hats out of cardboard, the illusion remains glaringly obvious, challenging austere, macho notions of ‘authenticity’. Aldridge’s continually playful work can always be re-arranged and re-appropriated to create alternative spaces and constructions, just like the breezeblocks that are reshaping our cities.

Aldridge graduated in Fine Art at Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2008, and has gone onto exhibit at tactileBOSCH, Cardiff and Bristol Diving School, Bristol alongside the artist collective BRG.

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