Robert Lowe

Lives and works in Cardiff, Wales

Rob Lowe is currently based in Cardiff, where he has been working as a guest and visiting curator, and occasional writer and painter.

Recent projects include Innocence and Despair at g39 in Cardiff, We Don't Need Nobody Else for Eigse Carlow Arts Festival in Ireland, and I am not I; pity the tale of me for Axis.

Following fine art courses at Lancaster University and UCE, Rob started gallery and exhibition work in 1997 at Crescent Arts, an artist-run space in Scarborough, as a volunteer exhibitions officer. He also ran series of artist residencies, workshops and developmental projects, and gained experience at Scarborough Art Gallery.

Rob has completed an MA in Museum Studies at Leicester University, and subsequently worked for Sheffield Museums, Oriel Davies in Newtown, Chapter in Cardiff and Safle, the independent public art organisation in Wales.

'I am still in two, or more, minds about curating. Creativity and engagement with artists is the main appeal for me; but the curator always feels an awkward role. My attempts to acquire a trust in another person's view, or gaze, regularly fail or fall short. I wonder if I am just playing catch up, forever. Similarly, art in the public realm does not settle easily for me. It regularly seems out of place, out of touch, just as does the gallery or museum. I enjoy these concerns though, and they are what interest me in continuing with what I do.' Rob Lowe, 2008

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