Sara Rees

Sara Rees’ work operates in areas of altered states of physical, emotional or spiritual consciousness such as ecstasy, trauma, grief, love, and madness.

In such states we might find ourselves cast out of the world. In a society that hides death, silences madness and erases all signs of decay, such a position is abject. However, Rees advocates that it is here that we may also encounter the sublime. Rees’ work is both dramatic and quiet in its melancholy, yet retains an aesthetic eye and visceral punch.

Recent exhibitions include Between The Sheets, Juno Gallery, London; Undercover, Oriel Davies, Newtown; Infinite Longing, ABC Gallery, Art Strelka, Moscow; Sense of Place, Site-ations International, Riga, Latvia; Flourish, Moravzka Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic; Anima, Galerie B-312, Montreal

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