Eve Dent

Eve Dent's work explores the boundaries between the physical body and the body of a site. She creates images in which parts or all of her body are fitted into the very fabric of a room, environment, or building.

These are usually presented live as body installations but also exist as photographic works. Often she is almost completely hidden in the recesses and constructional spaces she finds within a building - the space under the floor or the flue of a chimney, with only part of the body visible. Dent squeezes into holes or gaps in the material structure, skin to brick, her physical contours against those of the architecture.

Through these acts of integration and hybridisation of the body with the built environment, she explores the relationship between visibility, presence and loss and the body as a channel to express the poetic life of a space. Born in London, Eve Dent studied in Bristol and Cardiff where she is now based.

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