Simon Blackmore

Since graduating from U.W.I.C Simon Blackmore has embarked on an extensive project re-looking at the Romantic painting tradition through a contemporary framework. Blackmore has constructed his own portable gallery from a Sprite Musketeer caravan and followed the tours previously made by artists like Turner. This work has been both documented and streamed directly onto the Web. Providing a new and exciting context for ideas about the landscape within a postmodern theory's about reality and place.

Simon’s work was first commissioned by g39 as part of the group exhibition Under Construction and as a result was featured on BBC Cymru’s Double Yellow arts programme.

Having previously worked as an artist in residence at the Site Gallery in Sheffield, he now lives and works in Manchester and works primarily with sound and custom-built technology. Recent projects have included Weather Guitar (a machine to play a guitar according to the weather), shown at Ikon, Birmingham in 2005 and LSD Drive, (a computer CD drive hacked to read light rather than data) shown in Perimeters Boundaries and Borders as part of City Festival, Lancaster in 2006.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
Under Construction
If You Build It They Will Come
This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward