Pete Bobby

Lives and works in London

Pete Bobby is a technically accomplished photographer whose style reflects architectural photography. He produces large-scale prints of building interiors which are just completed, but uninhabited. The environments he chooses to work with are plush corporate locations: office block entrance halls, hotel gymnasiums and dining rooms are a few of his recent subjects.

For his work included in the group exhibition Matinee, Pete began to look at spaces that are 'completed', therefore inhabited or fit for habitation. The function of the space is clear due to the addition of interior decor, including lighting, furniture and architectural features. However, the lack of human presence still importantly exists within these images. This human absence serves to refocus ones attention on the constructed environment, socially, politically and architecturally. The questioning of these environments through their design leads us to consider the positive and negative effects on an individual. This inevitably raises issues regarding power, class, place and social behaviour, to name a few.

Pete studied MA Fine Art at University of Wales in Cardiff, A highly sought-after photographer, Pete is currently based in London where he works freelance.

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