g39 is home to Wales’ largest artist-run gallery and creative community for the visual arts. Established in Cardiff, g39 became a charity in 2019 and works as a bridge between communities, the public and artists. Artists are at the heart of g39’s activities. From residencies to training and mentoring, informal gatherings, or realising the most ambitious of exhibitions – our aim is to encourage and enable every person whose ambition it is to pursue a visual art practice.

Tibro Yalp

1 July - 20 August 2022

This season looks at structures of play and encourages the gallery to be used as a space for activity, rather than solely looking. It refers to the exhibition Play Orbit, curated by Jasia Reichardt (then Assistant Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London) in collaboration with Peter Jones of the Welsh Arts Council. Play Orbit was first shown at the 1969 National Eisteddfod of Wales in Fflint and then at the ICA.

This exhibition will focus directly and physically on participation and engagement with new commissions for artists and non-artists to develop gallery works that involve interaction, play, and response. We will be encouraging the participation of different groups. We want to explore, in depth, the relationship between the public and the artwork and make that relationship as active as possible.

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Kath Ashill - The Lost Boys

Preview 17 September 2022

17 September - 29 October 2022

Engaging with gender fluidity and class structures this solo exhibition will also be produced with collaborators CommonWealth, Llanrumney. Amateur dramatics, the Drag King scene and autobiography are recurring themes in Ashills work, which she uses to explore and navigate gender identity. Funny and playful Ashill uses the do-it-yourself aesthetics of amateur dramatics to create costumes and sets in which she performs.

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g39 Fellowship FOUR

1 April 2022 - 31 March 2024

Zara Mader, Phoebe Davies
Gail Howard, Adele Vye
Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau Beakhouse.

We’re really excited to welcome the fourth cohort onto the Fellowship programme, they take up their studios at g39 and will be with us until 2024. Zara Mader (Caerdydd)), Phoebe Davies (Bro Morgannwg, Gail Howard (Caerdydd), Adele Vye (Abertawe), Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau Beakhouse (Caerdydd).

The artists will take part in a structured programme of studio practice and self-directed research at g39 over a period of two years with financial support. The programme is unique in Wales and complements the ongoing support g39 offers artists in Wales.

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Aggregate 2022

g39 Fellowship Show

Preview: 08/03/22, 18:30 - 20:30
Freelands Foundation, London

This exhibition brings together the work of 21 artists working across the UK, including Freya Dooley, Rhiannon Lowe, Neasa Terry, Becca+Clare, Will Roberts and Rebecca Gould from the g39 Fellowship programme. They will show alongside artists from Belfast, Edinburgh and Sheffield.

Sculpture, sound works, textiles, print, written word, film and installation, painting and site-specific interventions are installed throughout Freelands Foundation’s London building, offering an insight into new approaches to making and the most urgent topics being considered by artists today. Interspersed with artworks that invite moments of contemplation, this exhibition encourages a re-examination of our own positions within contemporary cities and systems.

On Saturday 21 May 2022, Freelands Foundation will host a live programme of performances, poetry and sound pieces by the participating artists.

Artists: Becca + Clare, Brown&Brí, Jane Butler, James Clarkson, Mitch Conlon, Freya Dooley, Rebecca Gould, Maud Haya-Baviera, Jenny Hogarth, Rhiannon Lowe, Victoria Lucas, Jasmin Märker, Will Roberts, Conor Rogers, Sarah Rose, Rae-Yen Song, Eothen Stearn, Neasa Terry, Thomas Wells, Joanna Whittle, Mona Yoo.

The exhibiting artists took part in the Freelands Artist Programme 2019–21. The programme is a landmark initiative to support emerging artists across the UK launched in 2018 by Freelands Foundation. Its aim is to nurture emerging artists’ practices by fostering long-term relationships and collaborations with arts organisations, helping to bolster regional arts ecosystems.

In its first five-year phase, 80 artists have undertaken the programme across four partner organisations: g39, Cardiff; PS², Belfast; Site Gallery, Sheffield; and Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh. The programme offers studio space, career development workshops, talks, mentoring, an annual symposium, exhibition opportunities and an end-of-programme publication.

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Survey II - On tour
SITE gallery, Sheffield

12/03/22 - 05/06/22
12th March -
5th June 2022.

A national partnership exhibition led by Jerwood Arts, Survey II launched at g39 in the summer of 2021. It opens in a new format at SITE gallery Sheffield this Spring.

With // Gyda:
Saelia Aparicio - Tereza Červeňová - Sadé Mica - Rebecca Moss - Cinzia Mutigli - Katarzyna Perlak - Shenece Oretha - Tako Taal - Nicolaas van de Lande - Angharad Williams

Following nominations, by - Jonathan Baldock, Jamie Crewe, Sean Edwards, Jade Montserrat, Heather Phillipson, Joanna Pietrowska, Tai Shani, Emily Speed, Wood and Harrison, and Zadie Xa - all artists were invited to submit a proposal for a new work before a final selection was made by a panel including Survey alumni artist Flo Brooks; Harriet Cooper, Head of Visual Arts; Jerwood Arts; Anthony Shapland, CreativeDirector, g39; and Angelica Sule, Programme Director, Site Gallery. But this all happened just as everything went into lockdown in 2020. We are so pleased to reach the finale of the tour with SITE gallery.

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There are lots of ways you can support g39 and our programme,
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We’ve joined easyfundraising. Basically, if you shop online but through their portal, they donate a % to us. From Screwfix to ebay, Ethical Superstore to durex you can do your bit. Or if you’re driving to Cardiff and are going to pay for parking, why not book our carpark on Justpark with us?

You can donate at any time too through our new Donorfy account, or tapping a card on the donation point at g39, or just dropping some coins in the donation boxes next time you visit. It’s always uncomfortable asking for donations when there are so many many things to support out there - but all of this helps keep our resources and support programmes free for those that need them.

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warp Library

Now we're open again the warp Library is open, a de-instututional resource for all. The collection mainly houses artist books, arts-related reference books, zines and pamphlets. These span from the socio-political to the experimental, from 60s avant-garde retrospectives to contemporary exhibition publications; and hopefully everything in between. This in an ever-developing, growing collection.

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