g39 is an artist-run gallery and creative community
for the visual arts in Wales, a bridge between artists
and audiences. At the heart of g39’s activities is its
relationship with artists. From exhibition to work
placements to informal gatherings, initiating peer
introductions or realising the most ambitious of solo
exhibitions – across this spectrum of relationships our
aim is to encourage and enable every person whose
ambition it is to pursue a visual art practice.

The Male Graze - Guerrilla Girls

18 June - 18 July 2021

Art Night 2021: Nothing Compares 2 U

g39 are really pleased to be playing a part in Art Night’s fifth edition, Nothing Compares 2 U taking place from 18 June to 18 July 2021, by supporting a billboard as part of the Guerrilla Girls project, The Male Graze.

Their biggest UK public commission to date, The Male Graze will be part of Art Night 2021. The commission includes a website, online gig and national series of billboards, including one in Cardiff, exploring bad behavior both historically and in the present day. The work will manifest in London, Eastbourne, Dundee, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Cardiff, Warwick, Swansea and more. The billboards will be on display from 18 June to 18 July and in partnership with Art Night’s friends Compton Verney, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Glasgow Women’s Library, g39, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Grand Union, The Tetley and Towner Eastbourne. Art Night will also present this commission in two London sites in Shoreditch and London Bridge.

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Talk // Sgwrs:
Libita Sibungu

24 July 2021

Join us on Zoom for a Saturday afternoon talk from artist Libita Sibungu, who will be video calling from Namibia to talk to us.

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Libita Sibungu’s solo and collaborative projects explore the political and spiritual relationships between the landscape and the body - told through personal and collective histories connecting diasporic legacies. Research is shared through embodied acts of digging; in earth, in records - revealing lost, and buried testimonies emerging out of fugitive experiences. Installations, performance, print, text and sound, help bring to life ongoing conversations surrounding the possibilities of a living archive.

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Artes Mundi Screenings:
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz

25 July 2021

La Cueva Negra, 2012. 20’00” & La cabeza mató a todos, 2014. Dur: 07’30”

La Cueva Negra explores the Paso del Indio site in Puerto Rico as a layered repository of symbolic and material histories, which visibly holds many conflicting histories, embodied in the landscape and built environment. Twenty years ago, during the construction of a multi-lane highway, a complex (possibly Archaic, definitely Pre-Taíno and Taíno) indigenous burial site was discovered and many objects and remains recovered, but the site was paved over for the construction of the expressway. During the original excavation (1992-1995) laborers from the surrounding villages were hired as manual labour. The film starts from the site's material history, the recollections of the workers and archaeologists involved, what we know, and what we think we know about a landscape and how these layers of material and belief interact to create a new contemporary cosmogony, one built on the trash, the graffiti, the expressway, the river, the village, the karst bedrock and the traces of previous inhabitants' worldview. 

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Artes Mundi Screenings:
Dineo Seshee Bopape

20 August 2021

Title unknown at time of publication, 2018. Dur. 33’40”

The script of the film is based loosely on the court transcripts of the „Khwezi vs. J Z “rape trial of the year ______. 

Khwezi (alias), took ____, the then Vice President of South Africa to high court with the charge of rape. 
Many things were said during, before and after the trial…. about the victim, the rape accused, the victor, the raped, the rapist, witnessing- of self/other, of narration, of the ‘cultural’ and more. 

The title -a summary of the events, the story, the logic of which is not yet fully known, although the script is known to all. 

Friday 20th August,
(5.00-5.40, 5.40-6.20, 6.20-7.00, 7.00-7.40, 7.40-8.20)
Dineo Seshee Bopape
Title unknown at time of publication, 2018. Dur. 33’40”

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Content Warning: Parental guidance and viewer discretion is advised. Some viewers may find this video distressing as it contains some images and verbal descriptions of physical and sexual violence, and rape.

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Artes Mundi Screenings:
Meiro Koizumi

17 August 2021

AntiDream #2 Torch Ritual Edit, 2021 , Dur: 28’00’’

This new video by Koizumi, AntiDream #2, is a sound work which the audience is expected to listen to in the most crowded spot in the cities that one lives. In the work, the mechanical voice abstractly tries to turn the cityscape under the pandemic into authoritarian dystopia. AntiDream #2 Torch Ritual Edit is an unedited superposition of this sound work and the existing video footages of the Torch Relay for the Tokyo Olympics on the internet. According to a poll, 70 percent of people do not want the Olympic Games to be held during this pandemic, but the Japanese government is desperate for it to go ahead. They are spending $100 million on the Torch Relay, while many people are dying from Coronavirus because of lack of beds in the hospital. There is a contradiction that the uglier the situation around the Olympic becomes, the stronger the work becomes.

Tuesday 17th August,

Meiro Koizumi
AntiDream #2 Torch Ritual Edit, 2021. Dur. 28”00”
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Artes Mundi Screenings:
Carrie Mae Weems

4 September 2021

Constructing History: A Requiem to Mark the Moment, 2008 Dur:20’04’’ & The Baptism, 2020 Dur:11’35’’

Constructing History: A Requiem to Mark the Moment, 2008, presents history as sequences, ‘a story within a story’, as Weems narrates at the beginning of the film. Shot in Atlanta with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) students and produced by SCAD and the National Black Arts Festival, Constructing History layers moments of violence and social upheaval and demonstrate disruption in the path of 20th Century history and thinking. ‘The bright lights of history are now shining down at them’ Weems continues, the young people act out a series of famous archetypal moments including Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination, a mother cradling her daughter during the aftermath of the Hiroshima atomic bombing and a speculated scene of a pensive James Earl Ray as he looks at his gun.These profound meanings and staged theatricality are interjected by chaotic Super-8 shots of newsreels taken from Weems’s own television and directed to the present with intimate Black and White vignettes of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

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g39 & Artes Mundi

We are pleased to be working in partnership with Artes Mundi on a series of screenings of films from the shortlisted artists as part of Artes Mundi 9. Presented in the newly built cinema space at the gallery, these will be shown regularly through July, August and September. This programme takes place alongside the biennial exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff and Chapter.

The programme at g39, including new works, will include film and video by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Meiro Koizumi and Carrie Mae Weems, amongst others. Further details will be posted nearer the time here and on g39 and Artes Mundi social media channels.

Beatriz Santiago Muñoz (Puerto Rico)

g39 and its artist support programme Warp are also working alongside Artes Mundi this year to support the delivery of Studio Sessions: One-to-Ones, connecting artists in Wales with artists and curators globally including Francis McKee, Dr Gina Athena Ulysse, Prabhakar  Pachpute, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Meiro  Koizumi  and Nigel Prince.

Currently at National Museum Cardiff you can book to visit and see the work of Firelei Báez, Meiro Koizumi, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Prabhakar Pachpute and Carrie Mae Weems, click here to find out more.

At Chapter you don’t need to book to see the work of Dineo Seshee Bopape and Carrie Mae Weems, click here for information about visiting safely

warp Library

When we're open again (!) the warp Library is open, a de-instututional resource for all. The collection mainly houses artist books, arts-related reference books, zines and pamphlets. These span from the socio-political to the experimental, from 60s avant-garde retrospectives to contemporary exhibition publications; and hopefully everything in between. This in an ever-developing, growing collection.


Really pleased to be hosting SURVEY II in 2021, and to be working with @jerwoodarts and @sitegallery again. A great line up of artists from Wales, Angharad Williams, Tako Taal and our own Cinzia Mutigli alongside brilliant artists Saelia Aparicio, Tereza Červeňová, Sadé Mica, Rebecca Moss, Katarzyna Perlak, Shenece Oretha and Nicolaas Van de Lande.

Image: Tako Taal, Residue, 2018. Grand Union Birmingham: photo - Patrick Dandy

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