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g39 is an artist-run gallery and creative community for the visual arts in Wales, a bridge between artists and audiences. At the heart of g39’s activities is its relationship with artists. From exhibition to work placements to informal gatherings, initiating peer introductions or realising the most ambitious of solo exhibitions – across this spectrum of relationships our aim is to encourage and enable every person whose ambition it is to pursue a visual art practice.

Intermission 2020

31 October 2020 - 1 March 2021

Adeola Dewis - Aled Simons - Aurora & Nasima Begum
mwnwgl - Rabab Ghazoul - Radha Patel - Sarah Jenkins

Intermission is a series of newly commissioned artworks that engage with people and places outside of the gallery walls. Artists from across wales will develop new works using conversation and research, writing and filmmaking, online-space and local neighbourhoods as starting points. Selected from an open call we are pleased to support these artists to create new work.

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Request Stop

11 December 2020 - 1 March 2021

Intermission - Sarah Jenkins

Request Stop takes a meandering walk around the small rural village of Ferryside in South West Wales, to the train station. The film considers the ways in which the railway has shaped the community, exploring its changing social landscape from a once bustling seaside resort, to a quiet village where trains only stop on request.

A blend of local history, folktale, and hearsay, stories of the village, past and present, are told through conversation with local women. From childhood memories, to musings on the afterlife, the film builds a picture of the small close-knit community that is personal, anecdotal and completely unreliable.

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Madam Kamboulé

18 December 2020 - 1 March 2021

Intermission - Adéọlá Dewis

Madam Kamboulé plays with embodying the mas’ energy of Trinidad’s Traditional Carnival character: ‘The Midnight Robber’. Madam Kamboulé pays homage to the oral historians of Carnival tradition. This work addresses residues of my own insecurity in relation to how I perform, paint and write – finding the opportunity to play with, explore and remember my voice in my writing, through spoken word and performance.

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Finding Aarti

6 January 2020 - 1 March 2021

Intermission - Radha Patel

‘‘when a person goes missing, they leave a small space – no bigger than twice the size of themselves – for everyone to gather and grieve inside’’

Radha Patel is a writer and artist whose work intersects across colonialism, nature, religion and the future. Following on from her text ‘notes from aarti’s diary’, which she developed during her time on g39’s UNITe programme (2019), she will tell the story of a young woman who goes to space to look for her missing sister…after an electrical fault caused her to become trapped inside a space vessel, sending her to live on the Planet Kelvin.

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Autumn/Winter Bulletin // Bwletin Hydref Gaeaf

With the darkness setting in for winter, we hope that you are all well, staying safe, and staying positive.

We are excited about the things we have coming up in the next few of months. After enjoying Aled Simons’ Halloween celebration of artworks and oddities we are we are looking forward to seeing what the rest of our Intermission series will bring over the winter months.

We have another round of remote 1-2-1s planned. Our 1-2-1 series is an opportunity for artists to have one to one conversations with established artists and curators. It’s a chance to have a focused discussion on development of work and creative practice. This month we have Simeon Barclay, Katrina Palmer, and Angelica Sule taking part in the programme. We are making plans to reopen the gallery to the public in 2021, we can’t wait to see you all in person again, keep an eye on our website and social media for updates on this, and the details of our Intermission off-site / on-line programme.

We hope this mix of things is welcome. If there is anything you want to see more of, features you want to see, suggestions or things you want featured, send them to as early as possible and we’ll try to include them.

This bulletin is put together by the five of us left in the scattered g39 - still working from sofas and kitchen tables.

Keep safe and well,
Cinzia, Sam,
Ellie, Anthony
& Chris

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Talk: Kate Davis
02/12/20, 19.00

Glasgow based artist, Kate Davis, works with a variety of media including moving image, drawing, printmaking and photography to rethink the ways in which our understanding of an artistic language is constructed. This often involves exploring the aesthetic and political ambiguities of specific artworks and their reception.

Questioning how and where we place economic and personal values, her artwork frequently re-evaluates the voices or moments which are customarily absent or marginalised within the art historical canon.

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Image: ‘Weight’, installation view ‘Nudes Never Wear Glasses’, Stills, Edinburgh, 2017. Photo: Ruth Clark.

One-To-Ones: Simeon Barclay

Session dates: 24/11/20
Deadline: 20/11/20
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Simeon Barclay draws upon fashion, music, and popular culture to make works that activate complex cultural histories and examine the ways in which we construct and perform identity and self. Combining found and appropriated imagery with text, video, installation and sculpture, Barclay creates reductive, sophisticated works that address aspects of aesthetics, British culture, subjectivity and memory.

warp Library

When we're open again (!) the warp Library is open, a de-instututional resource for all. The collection mainly houses artist books, arts-related reference books, zines and pamphlets. These span from the socio-political to the experimental, from 60s avant-garde retrospectives to contemporary exhibition publications; and hopefully everything in between. This in an ever-developing, growing collection.

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