g39 is home to Wales` largest artist-run gallery and creative community for the visual arts. Established in Cardiff, g39 became a charity in 2019 and works as a bridge between communities, the public and artists. Artists are at the heart of g39`s activities. From residencies to training and mentoring, informal gatherings, or realising the most ambitious of exhibitions - our aim is to encourage and enable every person whose ambition it is to pursue a visual art practice.

Corrina Eastwood
The Baby And The Snake

3 May 2024

Running parallel with the Gypsy Makers show, g39 is really pleased to bring Corrina to Cardiff to show the short film The Baby And The Snake with a talk and Q&A to follow. Corrina will be delivering 1-2-1 sessions at g39 for artists on the 3rd and 4th May. Drop an email to warp@g39.org to book a slot, on a first come first serve basis.

The Baby And The Snake is a short documentary exploring patriarchal roles within Romani Gypsy culture, the impact of culturally constructed ideas of masculinity, social exclusion and paternal relationships.

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g39 is a registered charity, Reg no. 1181492, and we rely on a lot of different helping hands. If you want to support us, please donate, or you can help by visiting the market. We are always grateful for volunteer support too.

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g39 Policy Documents / Dogfennau Polisi g39

These are the documents we operate by. We are working to get the latest versions of our key policies online in English and Welsh and available in other formats.
Currently, you can read PDF versions of our //
Ar hyn o bryd, gallwch ddarllen fersiynau PDF o'n:

Code of Care & Conduct

Cod Gofal & Ymddygiad

Strategic Equality Action Plan in English. Ac yn Gymraeg: Cynllun Gweithredu Cydraddoldeb Strategol

If you would like these documents in another accessible format please contact us on post@g39.org
Os hoffech gael y dogfennau hyn mewn fformat hygyrch arall, cysylltwch ‚ ni ar post@g39.org

Access at g39

g39 is housed in a large open warehouse with all public spaces on the ground floors and with no indoor steps. The main entrance has no steps and the space is all on one level. There is a single low step at the side door.

There is a carpark at the front of the building with spaces for visitors. The gallery space, screening room and studios are all fully accessible to people in wheelchairs.

g39 does not have a hearing loop installed.

The exhibitions at g39 are varied and can often look and feel different to a traditional museum style gallery. The form of the artworks can be varied and unpredictable, itís not uncommon for there to be loud or repetitive noises, and low light spaces. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about what to expect with any particular exhibitions or events that we are hosting.

At the rear of the building are studios. If people with access needs are selected for a residency/fellowship programme or are installing work for an exhibition, studio & workshop spaces can be adapted to meet their needs

In the winter the gallery space can get cold. At g39 we welcome service animals.

Image//Delwedd: Becca&Clare, You Are Invited, 2020

warp Library

Now we're open again the warp Library is open, a de-instututional resource for all. The collection mainly houses artist books, arts-related reference books, zines and pamphlets. These span from the socio-political to the experimental, from 60s avant-garde retrospectives to contemporary exhibition publications; and hopefully everything in between. This in an ever-developing, growing collection.

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