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  • Florence Moon, <i> Reverse The Weight That Nailed Us To The Ground</i>, 2017
  • Florence Moon, <i>Fragile We Hold Dear</i>, 2018
  • Florence Moon, <i>Fragile We Hold Dear</i>, 2018
  • Florence Moon, <i>Born Blaster Numeric Arsonist</i>, 2017
  • Florence Moon, <i>if IT`S NOT A ROSE</i>, 2018
  • Florence Moon, <i>Natural Material, Drawn by Natural Material, Attached to Natural Material</i>, 2017

Florence Moon

b. 1993, Coventry, UK
Lives and works in Bristol, UK

Florence Moon, <i>Fragile We Hold Dear</i>, 2018
Florence Moon, Fragile We Hold Dear, 2018

Working predominantly with text, image, sound and film, Florence Moon produces an “archive of the everyday”. Intrigued by language, research and communication, she enjoys working in a collaborative, creative environment that discusses the handling of memories and information.

“Recently, I've been focusing on archives and the fragile nature of this collection. Considering how the importance of documenting physical objects compares to the disposable nature of technological data in modern society. My iPhone is important to my practice - a tool for communicating, for observing and for note taking. I draw upon moments in time that are usually commemorated with hazy fondness and document them as they are. I'm interested in how we communicate through language and gesture, noticing the details that may otherwise pass by unseen.”

Florence completed a BA (Hons) in Illustration at University of Brighton and co-runs an artists studio at the Old Malthouse, Bristol. She has exhibited at Advantageous In What Sense and Collaborate (th) With (th), The Station, Bristol (2017) and Meanwhile Show, Hoxton Gallery, Hoxton (2014).

The artist was in the following exhibition:
UNITe 2018