Madam Kamboulé

Madam Kamboulé plays with embodying the mas’ energy of Trinidad’s Traditional Carnival character: ‘The Midnight Robber’. Madam Kamboulé pays homage to the oral historians of Carnival tradition. This work addresses residues of my own insecurity in relation to how I perform, paint and write – finding the opportunity to play with, explore and remember my voice in my writing, through spoken word and performance.

Within the Trinidad Carnival tradition, the Midnight Robber is one of several performers that utilise voice as part of their presentation. This piece is an audio-visual exploration of my Midnight Robber jumbie. I am grateful to the contributing talents of Elizabeth Catherine Chiu, who manifested my costume vision and Keith Murrell, who rescued my soundtrack. Massive thank you to Carnival Institute of Trinidad and Tobago for the archive footage and g39 for the commission.

I am an artist. I am interested in folk and indigenous cultural performances involving aspects of masking – Carnival, masquerades and rituals. My work explores our expressions of identity and belonging in the diaspora and the ways in which we perform our fragments.