If.... Rabab Ghazoul

As part of our If.... season of exhibitions and projects, Rabab Ghazoul has reinterpreted and restage Oyvind Fahlstrom’s 1966 performance Mao-Hope-March.

This work consisted of a pseudo-protest in which Fahlstrom and a group of his friends walk through the streets of New York carrying large placards bearing the photographs of Bob Hope and Mao-Tse-tung, whilst an interviewer recorded the responses of passers-by, and their answers to the question, ‘Do you consider yourself to be happy?’

Rabab invited people to nominate new political and cultural icons for the 21st century to replace Mao and Hope, and reenacted After Mao-Hope on Friday 20 November to gauge the happiness of the people.

This show was selected by
  • Michael Cousin
    • Placards used for Rabab`s Mao-Hope March Revisited project