Neasa Terry

Neasa Terry, Conducting, Video still, 2017
Neasa Terry, Conducting, Video still, 2017

My interests could be generally described as being concerned with the relationship between sound, technology and space.
As part of my research, Ive been looking at a variety of ways of making and translating sound.These translations have lead me to start experimenting with various programmes and technologies, including Max msp, machine learning and Arduino in order to create, manipulate and translate sound.
Im also interested in ways of preserving sound for future animation and how the archive/museum provides a launchpad for these utterances. This has led me to do some research at the recorded archives at St. Fagans and the British Library.

Neasa graduated from an MA in Communication Design from Central St Martins and her work forms past of the collections at Cork School of Music and the Royal College of Art.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
g39 Fellowship - ONE
To Plan
an Ending

Links :
  • Neasa Terry, Musical Mountain, Video Still, 2017
  • Neasa Terry, Conducting, Video still, 2017