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  • Jon Ratigan, Alternating currents, split screen video, 2017
  • Jon Ratigan, X=0, split screen video, 2016
  • Jon Ratigan, Splash Thesis, Anaglyth 3D video, 2016

Jon Ratigan

Jon Ratigan, X=0, split screen video, 2016
Jon Ratigan, X=0, split screen video, 2016

My Moving Image work has been following 2 parallel threads. The first thread can be summarised as an examination of male anxieties, where the frustrations, imposed routines and hidden worries of the male human being are recorded and congealed into short cine-poems.
The second strand involves a response to place with an emphasis on the examination of space and the inherent contradiction of representing a three dimensional space in a two dimensional medium.

Both these strands intersect- images, music and text collide, rubbing up against each other, creating texture, resonance and poetry. Lately, I have been using multiple screens which I have found to help propound these 'poetic collisions'; Ive also been working with 3D anaglyph video.

Jon Ratigan completed an MA degree in Film at the Screen Academy of Wales, Newport in 2010. He was chosen to attend the prestigious Budapest Cinematography Masterclass lead by the late cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond ASC. He has worked with carnival arts and delivers art workshops in hospitals.

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