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  • <i>(a)void</i>, photographic image, 2012
  • <i>Line of Sight</i>, photographic image, 2013
  • <i>The Tourist</i>, photographic image, 2013

Rory Duckhouse

<i>(a)void</i>, photographic image, 2012
(a)void, photographic image, 2012

Roryís photographic work is concerned with how the photograph is perceived as a document and the role it plays as a record of an event over time. Using found and vernacular imagery, Rory's appropriated images reveal how a layering of time has an effect on the veracity of the image. Photography is a powerful medium, both personally and in the media but is very much a subjective art form. We create more images now than ever before, but what is the legacy of these images? Using this as a platform, my work explores the space between photography, history & technology amongst many other ideas.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
UNIT(e) 2016