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Gaia Persico

Lives and works in London, UK

The images Gaia Persico creates are all direct descendants of real life observations made whilst travelling. Her drawings are made in-situ from cityscapes viewed while sitting at the window of the hotel rooms she stays in, using either a laptop or with the biros and hotel notepaper found provided in the rooms.

Her interest lies not in a location’s exoticisms that a tourist might seek, but in exploring the city dweller’s view instead, finding beauty in the non-monumental and the understated come upon while daydreaming as voyeur, gazing onto the passing world outside.

Persico’s series World Animations uses the simple real-time changes occurring in the views before her when drawing to introduce minimal movement to the scenes. Long intervals of stillness punctuate time between each movement, leaving the viewer waiting, searching for signs of what will happen next.

The artist was in the following exhibition:
Innocence and despair
This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward

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