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opening times - 11-5pm Wednesday to Saturday

Barrie J Davies

The work of Barrie J Davies stems from his interest in perceptions of reality. He is interested in the use of irony and hyperbole and in using materials, objects and processes in which to explore these ideas.

Daviesí work hovers between something, nothing and everything. Humour also plays a large part in the production of the work, turning the world inside out to reposition the viewer. Through this use of entertainment he manages to question the whole notion of what we look for in art.

Davies' out put is nothing but vociferous, with a daily output of words and pictures distributed across social networking sites and his own website.

The artist was in the following exhibitions:
The Ballad of Barrie J
Flim Flam
This artist is featured in:
It Was Never Going To Be Straightforward

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