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Silence has Another Way of Telling, inherited foolscap file, 2017

The Conversation

11 November 2017 - 3 February 2018

Artist Talk: Holly Davey & Heather Phillipson
2 December, 6pm.
Join us for an informal talk about the artists' current projects, their work and The Conversation.

A buff foolscap folder is the starting point for The Conversation, a solo show by Holly Davey. Inherited by the artist, the folder contains fragments of a lifetime – photographs, scraps of paper, postcards, a paper bag, an exhibition catalogue and other mementos. These clues have become the catalyst for over two years of research that has developed into this continuing body of work.

Davey’s work accesses public and private collections to examine ideas of memory and place. By caching these objects we hope to form a sense of our selves, to create an impression of normality and staged familiarity that makes us feel complete. But on their own a collection of objects is an incomplete archive: in between are the gaps, the pauses. It is the silences that are the most revealing, where object and memory come together to form an imagined reality.

The foolscap folder itself is the gap or silence within this inherited archive. The remembered becomes the lived present, reality shifts and the hunt begins; using museum archives and Internet searches, time collapses to make the forgotten visible. As it unravels, there is no map, no point B, just a series of fragments that when placed together form a reimagined whole, an archive of a life.

Supported by Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

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Spit and Sawdust - A Second Tribute To JB
30 November 2017
Opens 1st December, 7 - 10pm (Performances from 8pm)
Exhibition runs 2.12.17 - 14.01.18

‘A Second Tribute To JB’ is an invitation from Spit & Sawdust to re-exhibit ‘A Tribute to JB’ proposed by Jake Caleb and Helen Savage, and originally shown at The Free Shop, Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, June 2017.

Jake Caleb
Josh Crowle
Freya Dooley
Antonio de la Hera
Caitlin Merrett King
Owen Lacey
Kieran Milne
Hannah Reynolds
Nick Thomas
Helen Savage
Theo Vass

Everyone welcome!

On Sunday 3rd December, Jake Caleb will also lead a Walking Talking Drawing Tour around the local area, meeting at 2pm at Spit and Sawdust and returning at 3pm for mulled wine, mince pies and Sunday papers at our monthly Hangover Lounge. Email hello@spitandsawdust.co.uk to let us know you'd like to come and if you have any access requirements.
30 November 2017
2018 Y Lle Celf

At Y Lle Celf at the Cardiff National Eisteddfod, a large multi-media exhibition will be held. Online registration opens in January.

Applications are welcomed across all genres, whether fine art or applied art (including the moving image and performance art).

A Template For Application

Talk: The Brynmawr Experiment and the Brynmawr furniture makers, 1928-40
2 December, 10am
Following Lydia Meehan’s research, we welcome Dr Eurwyn Wiliam, co-author of Brynmawr Furniture Makers - a Quaker Initiative, 1929 - 1940, for a talk about the experiment, the company and designs.

For g39, Lydia Meehan is making new work that refers to the complex relationship between making and living. She intentionally muddles the boundaries between artwork, work, leisure and labour to question how we value ourselves and other people.

From painting to painting and decorating, from town planning to gallery architecture, Lydia is interested in the idea of people as artists, reviewing their processes and outputs as both artwork and civic engagement combined.

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Research Project - Supporting BME Artists in Wales

The Wales Artist Resource Programme (Warp) is running a research project to investigate how it can be relevant and accessible to black, asian and minority ethnic (BME) visual artist in Wales. The research project is for 6 months, until Feb 2018.

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